2023 Kitchen Design Trends Roundup

As we cross the threshold into 2024, many people naturally feel drawn towards change and growth. And what better place to manifest this than the heart of your home – the kitchen?

As 2023 draws to a close, we at the Brighton Kitchen Company have decided to reflect on some innovative bespoke kitchen design ideas and trends that shaped another great year for us, and to help the interior design enthusiasts among you explore ways to create your dream kitchen next year.

Even if a full kitchen redesign isn’t on the cards just yet, small touches can make a big difference in upgrading your cooking space.

Read on as we reveal the top trends set to transform kitchens in 2024 and beyond. The new year invites you to see this communal space with fresh eyes and an open mind.

Add Depth to the Kitchen Area

This year, it’s all about creating depth, warmth and character. Neutral tones, natural materials and tactile finishes allow you to curate a calming, authentic kitchen sanctuary that complements your home.

Expect to see more timber and wood incorporated through flooring, shelving and furniture. The patina of a lovingly worn butcher’s block or solid oak table only improves with age, and the same goes for cabinets, units, and worktops with smooth finishes. Pair reclaimed wood elements with off-whites and concrete for a seamless, cosy feel.

Handleless kitchen ranges with integrated pulls provide a seamless, smooth facade in a variety of on-trend hues and finishes. Choose from cutting-edge matt finishes to sleek polished lacquers that echo the tranquil ambience.

Nostalgia, Traditional Kitchens Due a Return

As we seek balance from technology overload, vintage kitchen pieces make a comeback for their imperfection and story. Your kitchen design should be able to accommodate the ornaments and heirlooms that inspire joy, or that offer that soulful traditional contrast to a minimalist, contemporary kitchen design.

Incorporate character through accent shelving displaying vintage pottery, ceramics, and tableware, or restored handles against shaker-style cabinetry. Contrast conveys personality; match an ornate glass-front cabinet with sleek handleless doors for a bridge between old and new.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design

Sustainable living is here to stay. Look for products made from recycled and responsibly sourced materials that stand the test of time over mass manufacturing. Support local and independent craftspeople and brands by buying statement pieces that feel connected to your community’s heritage.

Our bespoke handleless, in-frame and shaker kitchen ranges bring together time-honoured carpentry with a clean, conscious design suited for contemporary living. Choose FSC-certified wood finishes with low-VOC lacquers for a healthy, ethical kitchen that evokes sustainability.

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Islands and Breakfast Bars

Dark Kitchen Island

As the communal hub, islands should facilitate food preparation and encourage connection during cooking or casual gatherings. Split-level islands allow you to delineate space through height, material or colour changes.

On one side, include the standard worktop area, storage cabinets and convenient plug points. On the other, create a raised breakfast bar for seating or designating additional dining space with floating shelves instead of upper cabinets for an airier aesthetic.

Kitchens to Calm the Mind

Our state of mind directly correlates with the spaces we inhabit. Design your kitchen using sensory elements that summon calm – from cashmere textures to tranquil hues, dried botanicals and candlelight.

Incorporate biophilic motifs like rattan cabinet fronts, bamboo finishes or natural stone surfaces that bring the outdoors in. Open shelving allows you to display ceramicware with earthy glazes or sustainably harvested wooden bowls.

Every detail aims to clear the clutter from sight and mind, promoting simplicity and serenity within a bustling area. Soothe stresses by steeping in chamomile after a long day or firing up your sleek downdraft induction hob for a relaxing Sunday brunch.

All-White Kitchen Trends Making a Comeback

Kitchen Colours - White Kitchens Image

This year we see the comeback of the all-white kitchen but with added dimension. Move beyond the sterile and instead opt for soft off-whites with subtle grey, cream or green undertones. Shaker kitchen cabinets in an ultra-matt finish avoid glare while looking freshly whitewashed.

Crisp whites feel expansive, allowing you to play with scale. Ceiling-height panelling enables you to exhibit collections of ceramics behind glass-front cabinets.

Neutral walls recede to highlight a statement island in ash grey woodgrain or cascading green marble. Glossy subway tiles in dove grey provide a sheen without starkness.

Kitchen Designers Who Guide Your Vision

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