How to Use Corner Space in a Kitchen

Maximise Your Kitchen: Ingenious Corner Space Solutions

It’s been said thousands of times; the kitchen represents the hardworking heart of the home. As a multifunctional space for everything from meal prep to casual dining and entertaining, every square metre must be put to good use. For small kitchens or those with awkward designs and layouts, it can be challenging to make the most of these spaces.

A kitchen renovation can be the secret to putting every millimetre to good use. But what is one of the most overlooked areas during kitchen refurbishments? The corners.

Those intricate, tricky nooks and crannies facing the intersection of two cabinet runs or walls can be frustrating and tiresome to deal with, but when used correctly, they can be a huge space-saver. With some clever kitchen design ideas and strategies, these spaces can become invaluable storage and organisational assets.

At The Brighton Kitchen Company, our luxury kitchen designers apply innovative thinking to maximise every available millimetre in these spaces. Every home has a unique kitchen which requires a tailored approach to bring to life. Here, we’ll guide you through some brilliant ways to unlock your kitchen’s full potential by tapping into its untapped corner areas.

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Get Shelving Savvy

Dead corner space screams for additional shelving to provide easily accessible storage, of which there never seems to be enough in a kitchen (especially compact ones). Thoughtfully designed open shelving creates even, clean lines and evokes a sense of cohesiveness and organisation.

Floating shelves make the most of the height between the ceiling, worktops and wall cabinets. Display eye-catching crockery, cookbooks or plants as a styling touch, whatever your preference. For awkward angled ceilings or walls, customised triangular shelves tighten and sharpen up those gaps. Consider glass-fronted cabinets to create transparent enclosed storage.

Consider a Chic Curved Unit

When we think of cabinetry, we tend to associate it with standard right-angled units. Yet many homeowners are unaware of the soft lines they can create with curved cabinets. A gentle archway can open up cramped walkways while nestling a curved glass cabinet perfectly into a corner pocket.

For truly compact spaces, sweeping curved cabinets with shelves gliding on outer carousels ensure no space goes to waste. Just another example of our commitment to innovative space-saving kitchen storage.

Incorporate a Swing-Out Solution

For inaccessible and hard-to-reach inside corners, swing-out units can help provide easier access. These pivoting trays and shelves move in an arc parallel to the counter, bringing everything within easy reach.

Professional kitchen designers will be able to engineer innovative swing-out systems to complement your cabinetry aesthetic from rustic and traditional to contemporary and minimalist.

For those appliance garages or odd alcoves along walls, consider designing a swinging bifold door system to keep portable or small countertop appliances tidily stowed yet readily accessible.

Get Creative With Lighting

While adding functional storage solves many practical challenges, clever kitchen lighting makes all that effort shine. Lighting fixtures and reflective surfaces can enhance the feeling of space in a kitchen, which if that’s in short supply, can make all the difference. Our proactive kitchen design experts can work with you to dream up an alluring lighting concept bringing those corners into focus, and making the whole room feel more spacious.

Integrated LED task lighting strips eliminate shadows and bring illumination to concealed areas. Even under shelving or cabinets can be equipped with discreet and tidy light bars or spotlights that can be less jarring than overhead lighting fixtures.

Elevate With Excellence

Our bespoke luxury kitchens and storage solutions embody the ultimate in space-conscious design. No more underutilised, awkward angles – we believe every last corner can and should be utilised to its fullest potential, making even the smallest of domestic kitchens practical and aesthetically stunning.

Working closely with you, our kitchen designers in Sussex tailor brilliant corner cabinetry, shelving and lighting configurations to elevate your kitchen’s workflow and atmosphere.

Arrange a free kitchen design consultation today to begin your journey towards the kitchen you’ve always envisioned – one optimised for absolute beauty and functionality. We’ll collaborate to unlock the fullest potential in every square inch of your unique culinary space.