Pros and Cons of Pot Filler Taps in Modern Kitchen Design

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Pot Filler Taps: The Height of Kitchen Convenience or an Unnecessary Luxury?

As designers of breathtaking bespoke kitchens, we at the Brighton Kitchen Company understand that it’s often the smallest, intricate details that make the biggest difference in crafting a functional and beautiful home kitchen.

Lately, we’ve been fielding more queries about a unique fixture popping up in premium and luxury kitchen design projects: the pot filler tap.

Also commonly referred to as a “pasta arm” or “kettle faucet”, a pot filler tap is mounted to the wall that houses an oven. The idea is that the tap is there to make the filling of pots, pans and kettles easy, and free people from lugging them to and from the sink, potentially risking slips, burns, and spillages. Cooking enthusiasts have waxed lyrical about the convenience benefits of pot filler taps, as have busy parents and homeowners who like to entertain guests.

But are they a practical addition or merely an ostentatious ornament to a minimalist, contemporary, or traditional kitchen design? Ultimately, it depends, but if you’re considering this for a new bespoke kitchen renovation, it may pay off to learn about their quirks and drawbacks. Below we’ll uncover the need-to-know pros and cons of incorporating this on-trend tap into a luxury kitchen space.

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The Perks of Pot Filler Taps

Family dinner times don’t always run smoothly, and sometimes discerning homeowners find the art of multitasking during meal preparation difficult. If you regularly find yourself starved of space in a functional kitchen, making frequent trips back and forth from your oven and sink, the pot filler tap could prove to be a valuable aid.

Below are just some of the advantages of installing one above your hob.

Quicker Cleanups

With pots and pans permanently stationed on the cooker, dinner preparation becomes more centralised and easy to manage. Water and food remain contained to the hob, minimising mess and preventing all those annoying spillages occurring during cooking. An extra tap provides another water source when the sink gets cluttered with dirty dishes, glassware, and cookware.

Post-dinner tidy-ups become a breeze while quick surface wipes and spray-downs between courses take the stress out of entertaining.

Seamless Multitasking

We all know tidying’s more tempting when there aren’t dirty dishes glaring at us from the sink. This can certainly be an eyesore for those who love to keep their functional kitchen clean and clutter-free.

A pot filler tap keeps your main sink free for tackling washing up and drying, while the lead cook remains in control of the stove. Gone is the need to dedicate precious minutes to laborious washing up while food continues to boil and simmer away. Having a kettle faucet could be the efficiency boost you need to cook family dinners easily and effectively in a limited or small kitchen space.

Injury & Burn Risk Reduction

Staple family meals like pasta bakes, curries, chilli, and rice often involve the constant lugging of heavy pans, with them regularly containing boiling water, between the sink and stove. The risk of spills, slips, burns and injuries is greater in a busy kitchen, but a mounted pot filler tap eliminates the dangers of carrying heavy cookware containing scalding liquids. Water is right there when you need it for safer, seamless cooking.

Those who are less able-bodied may benefit from a more functional practical kitchen space that’s designed and optimised for their abilities.

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Potential Downsides to Consider

In the interests of fairness, it’s only right that we highlight the considerations of pot filler taps in home renovations and improvements. While the advantages of kitchen filler taps are clear, there are still factors to weigh up before installing a pot filler in your kitchen space.

Leak Risks

Like any water source, pot filler taps always carry some risk of drips and leaks. There is added risk as unlike kitchen sink taps, these taps sit directly above expensive cooker hoods and cooktops, some of which may be electric. Even minor leaks left unchecked could cause extensive damage to pristine kitchen appliances and be difficult to fix.

Extra Upkeep Needed

Your pot filler may handle and dispense water seamlessly, but it requires careful cleaning from time to time. Kitchen grime and grease accumulate rapidly around ovens and hobs, easily trapping in small joints and crevices of this speciality tap. Regular and scrupulous scrubbing is essential to prevent excessive buildup and to keep your statement mixer tap gleaming.

Premium Price Tags

Being a bespoke kitchen company, we always aim to give our customers the personalised luxury touches they crave for their cooking spaces, complementing their preferred interior design aesthetic. However, for many homeowners, the upfront costs of introducing extra plumbing may override the convenience factor. Consider your cooking and cleaning habits closely before taking the plunge on a kitchen faucet tap.

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Verdict: Are Pot Filler Taps Necessary Kitchen Design Additions?

Ultimately there’s no right or wrong choice when designing your dream kitchen; the “best” additions come down to personal lifestyle and taste. If you regularly find yourself preparing elaborate dishes for family and friends, then a pot filler tap may be the perfect solution for simplifying your culinary exploits.

However, for those who see its installation as more trouble than it’s worth, it probably isn’t worth pursuing if it doesn’t tick your boxes. Rest assured, at the Brighton Kitchen Company, we have numerous stunning kitchen design details to make your space uniquely functional and fabulous.

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