Moody drama and a celebration of natural textures is what this kitchen is all about.  Our designer was inspired by nature under moonlight, informing the earthy, shadowy feel of the space.

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This kitchen has very a clever lighting scheme, kept to a minimum with the exception of task lighting and the bold, amber-lit recess shelf under the work surface which radiates an almost volcanic glow.  The sense of theatre within this space provides the perfect environment for imaginative, creative cooking

Chris Burton, Managing Director

In this kitchen, we find so many contrasting textures; the slight ridges of the book-matched, copper oak veneered doors that make up the tall height cabinetry, cleft-finish of the stone doors on the island cabinets, the smooth off-black wall, sheen of the white herringbone tiles and the sleek surface of the polished concrete floor.  This combination of raw elements gives a sultry, masculine feel, lifted with copper accents in the form of the sink and tap, detailing of the bespoke metal racking suspended above island, the exposed pipework used as a lighting feature and the fine strips that run along the floor and between the wall tiles.

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