Super Matt Finish Kitchens

At The Brighton Kitchen Company we understand how every small detail, including the finish, affects the outcome in kitchen design. Choice of colour and finish is critical to success. If a serene and tranquil space is what you are looking for in a kitchen, then our super matt finish is for you. Our thorough design process ensures everything you want from your kitchen and more is included in the design.

Technically brilliant kitchens with a finish to match

Your home is defined by your kitchen space, and your kitchen finish is just as important to us as the form. Our bespoke handmade kitchens are crafted to perfection with luxurious materials, a perfect layout and a finish to match. The colour and the finish you choose for your kitchen can have a dramatic impact, and they both play an important part in transforming your kitchen into a thing of beauty. Our super matt finish is flawless, smooth and extraordinarily stunning.

Bold designs with a sophisticated edge

Our super matt finish brings a sophisticated edge to any kitchen design. Ultra-smooth and elegant, this is a kitchen finish that absorbs light and makes a dramatic statement. The even colouring of our super matt finish gives cabinetry a more solid look than with other finishes. It has a really tactile appeal and gives an added eye-catching dimension to cabinetry.

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Understated elegance is our signature

If a discreet aesthetic is your preference, then we will help you to realise that vision. Understated elegance is a design feature we excel in. Our super matt finish comes in a range of colours and is perfect for softening stark white if that is your preference. Pale greys, soft pebble colours and muted shades are our speciality. We understand the importance of getting exactly the right shade and finish to complement every element of your kitchen and your home.

Vibrant colours to infuse life

Our super matt cabinetry finish isn’t confined to subtle and discreet colour schemes. Many kitchen designers encourage the selection of neutral cabinetry, and add colour with paint and accessories. At The Brighton Kitchen Company we are not afraid to go bold and use visually stunning, vibrant colours.

If you crave a more dramatic look for your new kitchen, whether you want a deep rich colour, sleek black, or pristine white with a colourful contrast, we can help you find a tone that makes your kitchen cabinetry stand out from the crowd. In our Super Matt finish your bold choice of colour will make the striking statement you are hoping to achieve.

“The team managed to combine contemporary with traditional and certainly had a sixth sense as to what I was looking for. Pete and his team were wonderful too – everyone friendly and courteous and always cleaned up at the end of the day. It’s been a pleasure and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Avril Taylor, Hove

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